Chiropractic Care for Howard County

For over 25 years, Dr. Brian Morrison and his staff have specialized in providing safe, state-of-the-art chiropractic care, in Howard County, MD. We are totally committed to our patients and love helping them get healthy, and more importantly, helping them stay that way.

Our Mission

No two people are the same, and neither are their injuries or physical problems. That is why we at Morrison Chiropractic will specifically tailor each treatment program to the individual's needs and goals. We will administer sensible, well-designed treatment plans that provide the greatest benefit in the shortest time. Our team has always, and will continue, to prioritize producing the highest standard of customer service and patient care, through a tireless pursuit to expand our knowledge and abilities to best serve our community.

Everything and everyone here is a great experience. I can’t think of anyone that stands out more than others. What does stand out for me is how warm and caring everyone is. Everyone goes out of their way to show their genuine concern for your recovery and care, and it is so very appreciated.
— E. Davin-Knox, Morrison Chiropractic Patient

Common Conditions & Symptoms We Treat Include:

Joint Pain                                Sports Injuries                       Nerve Pain

Muscles Aches                        Whiplash                               TMJ

Sciatica                                    Carpal Tunnel                       Post Surgical Recovery

Plantar Fasciitis                       Tendonitis                             Frozen Shoulder

Tennis Elbow                           Bursitis                                  Back Pain

Headaches                               Sprains/Strains                     ... and many more!

We accept most major insurances plans. Click here to learn more!